30 Years of
                    Independent Filmmaking

Born and raised in New Jersey, Suzanne Delaurentiis showed an interest for the arts from an early age. As a teenager her flair for singing and dancing earned her numerous roles on and off Broadway, which in turn lead to many acting rolls in film and television. In the late 70ís Ms. Delaurentiis studied Opera at Carnegie Hall with the famous Carlo Menotti. Shortly after, Suzanne decided to follow in the footsteps of her cousin and mentor, 50s superstar, Frankie Avalon. She established her successful singing career early; headlining her own acclaimed nightclub act by the time she was twenty.

After seizing several opportunities to work behind the camera, Suzanne quickly established herself as an accomplished writer, producer, and director of short films, commercials, and music videos. Coming from a family of successful filmmakers, producers and directors, Suzanne found opening her own production company to be a natural transition and established Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions.

Throughout her 30-plus years as a filmmaker, Suzanne has been honored with many prestigious awards. In 2002 the Marco Island Film Festival honored Ms. Delaurentiis with their esteemed Terry Scarlett Award for Filmmaking, and in 2003 the Palm Beach International Film Festival presented her with The Distinguished Founders Award for Excellence in Filmmaking.

In 2006, Suzanne Delaurentiis Productions independently produced 10th & Wolf, a drama based on the investigations of mob informant Joe Pistone, aka Donnie Brasco. Filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the film starred James Marsden, Giovanni Ribisi, Brad Renfro, Brian Dennehy, Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Lesley Ann Warren, Tommy Lee, Piper Perabo and Dash Mihok. The film won Ms. Delaurentiis numerous awards.

In early 2007, Suzanne received the prestigious Opal Award from Women in Film and in 2008, The Hollywood Fame Awards honored her for her lifetime achievement for music in independent films.

Suzanne has been the recipient of several proclamations from the mayors of major cities throughout the United States for bringing quality film projects, as well as tens of millions of dollars to the cities' economies.

Some of Suzanne's independent filmmaking credits include 10th & Wolf, The Grief Tourist, Soul Fire Rising Brothers By Blood, Silicon Towers, Pocket Ninjas, Skate Dragons, Twin Towers, Graduation Day, Out of the Black, Shut-up Kiss and Me, A Month of Sundays, The Vegas Connection, Mutant Man, Swiss Family Robinson, Black Gold (Struggle for the Niger Delta) and Transylmania.

In addition to her numerous awards and productions, Ms. Delaurentiis has also taken part in historical litigation in cases relating to both union issues and distribution. She has fought successfully, protecting the rights of independent filmmakers.

Suzanne recently started the Cinema City International Film Festival which debuted at Universal Studios in 2007 and was rated one of the top 25 Film Festivals by MovieMaker Magazine in the festivals second year. She conducts lectures and workshops, mentoring up and coming actors and filmmakers. Suzanne has helped hundreds of talented people jumpstart their careers.

Suzanne devotes much of her spare time to philanthropic efforts, raising money for numerous worthy causes including veterans' charities, the American Cancer Society, Big Brothers and Sisters, Cops for Causes, the Boggy Creek Gang, the Lupus Foundation, and the Multi-cultural Youth Foundation.